JM Kennedy

JM Kennedy


Kennedy Madira aka JM Kennedy delved into singing pop (popular) songs in West Nile when the region had no music industry of note.

It was 2004 and there were no managers or promoters and people didn’t expect a musician to come from West Nile due to the common belief that you needed to have magic in order to be a good musician. It was a stereotype that Madira had to deal with in order to bring about change.

He was pushed into music by poverty, mastered the art while in the field and turned himself into the electrifying figure and musical champion today.

He began by singing about his own poverty, then expanded to social and economic hardships affecting his community as his popularity shored.

For instance in his maiden hit Alio nde ma Kaikai (I’m too poor) Madira simply mourned his poverty situation, Drijaru addressed inferiority complex and lack of cultural pride by the West Nile people while Terezina addressed girl child education.

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