King James Smart Boy

King James Smart Boy


Real name: Jayic James

Stage name; King James Smartboy
Genre: Afro DANCEHALL, Afro beat, Zouk and ALU FLOW
DOB: 1997
King James Smartboy joined the music industry way back in 2016 while in a driving school in Arua. His first ever single was titled BERU NEN UNGO, recorded at DCN RECORDS by Joshman Perfection,, in which he expressed his dissatisfaction with how people pay good with bad.
He later made Collabo with his teammates such as Judo, Prince J etc in songs such as Kwo para, Kud igen GI etc. All these were done when he was under Shining Base Entertainment.
He later joined Elite Muzik Empire under Henriq Management/Promo and recorded Daniella with Rham Pro and later Stamina with Depan of dcn .
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