STAGE NAME: King Steve

BORN: on 8/10/1996

MUSIC GENRE: Afro,Dancehall, Hiphop, RnB King Steven was born in Angal Hospital to the family of late Mr. Oryema joseph and Mrs.angeyango Jesca as the last born in afamily of 6 children who were successful raised by their Grand parent after the loss of Mr. Oryema Joseph and Mrs. Steven in early 2000, King Steve started sch in 2003 at Akanyo pri sch, joined O level in 2010 and completed in 2015 at Mamba Ss. Oyirwoth Stephen popularly known by his stage name King Steve started his music Career in 2018 as a back up stage Artist for King wizy at Safari Music Empire due to discipline and patient's he had from the Safari Music, king steve gained Experience and popularity that encouraged him to do a music of his own. However In June 01/2019 Steve recorded his first solo project titled Reality at Xrecord with Klint pro the drummer Boy that boosted him and became the most Air played truck on most of the WestNile Radio which la...

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