Vairas Onestone

Vairas Onestone


Vairas onestone   is a Ugandan recording artist under the music umbrella of Buffalo campmusic empire .Virus onestone, started his music career with producer Papa label “Jomix ”

Vairas onestone provides and makes his music with hardcore  voice in Reggae style, however he also mixes in Afrobeat dance hall .

Vairas , born Tili Eric Obanderas on 23 August 1989 in  Arua hospital Uganda, is an Afrobeat ,dance hall and reggae musician. He is one of the most popular Ugandan musicians in Westnile and the greater Northern Region and enjoys strong popularity in many of the regions Uganda. Vairas onestone sings in Lugbarati ,English and Swahili. Several of his songs have yielded popular catchphrase ... 

Musical career

Vairas Onestone began his career in the early 2007 as a sole artist in Arua  while studying at the Mugwana Summity  College . He he joined MTAC Nakawa for Diploma in ICT  and after joined World wide Training college for System Engineering in Diploma . He concentrated on music as some thing to earn from with his first song  "If you wanna",  

Vairas Onestone  musical style is a combination of Ugandan folk music, central African rumba, ragga Dance hall and reggae. His first album, Yuma, was released in 2008. In 2009 he was joined by Neleon and managed to make 3 songs the songs include "kidnapper","Oh baby" and "Hypocrite" In 2014 ,he was joined by Endy joe and Cliffspack and make the first song by the names "Honey moon in Florida"and the from there they remained as dual Vairas & Endy Joe and made there first song as dual was the Remix of "if you wanna" .and in 2015 they made different song like "dance hall magic,Afa azi,Give it to me ,Black woman's will,Sweet Uganda,She is mine ,Sauti Malamu which made the dual more popular and later came up with another Hit Terego Prince ,Olivia,why me,Liliana,Unfair,say my name, and more others .

Other activities

Vairas Onestone is a member of the Musician’s Community in westnile and the greater Northern region, a coalition of musicians who use their fame and fortune to help eradicate poverty and create awareness campaigns for HIV/AIDS. He has performed numerous concerts within and outside westnile ,like Sudan,and Congo ,Rwanda among others.

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Vairas Onestone

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