UK Based Ugandan FADA PEST

The growing presence of Ugandan music in the Diaspora is phenomenal. Several artistes in Scandinavia , England and America have carried the pride of the motherland. Swahili Nation seemed to start the wave along with its progeny-or vice versa-Charlie King. From England (or in simpler terms-UK) comes Fada Pest who is set to blaze up the universe.

Born Isaac Musasizi, Fada Pest is championing a youthful sound of hip-hop fused with Swahili genres-Bongo and Boomba. For an artiste relatively new on ours ears scene, he has successfully held sparkling performances across England . Reports reaching us imply he has not only performed in the immensely popular Black Community festival in England but has been chanced to share stage with dancehall luminaries from Jamaica , Sanchez, Vybz Cartel, Sean Paul and Merciless.

Fada Pest meaning fathering and encouraging the stuggler for the ghettos and slums ...

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