Keane Mackay PiLi PiLi


Roy Keane Asiku (born 20th August 1995), better known by the stage name Keane Mackay Pili Pili. He is a popular Ugandan West Nile based artist hailing from Arua – Signed under the Kampala Based Fire Base Crew of Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Win’s Music Label & also an associate to the  Lighters Entertainment based in Arua District.
He joined the Music industry in 2013 under the management of Lejo Rich planet Entertainment by then in Arua and  Later moved to Fire base in early 2014 and is popular in the West Nile Music Industry with songs like African Gal and Cinderella ft Cy Tip, Matayo ft Gbaraspoken, Ama Wu'di, Mwana Gwe both original and the remix with Big Sam Dyn, Ale, , Fear ft Edemz, Killer disease ft Trojan Squad & Black Harmony n etc.

Keane Mackey Pili Pili

Born to Mr. Dramadri Ben – a Primary School Head teacher & Mary Gutru ...

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