Why Eddy Kenzo's Daughter Aamal Cried Over Parent's Break Up News[Video]

Posted on Sep 18, 2019
By Site admin

Emotional moments for Eddy Kenzo's Daughter Aamal after setting ears on the news that, his dad Kenzo and mum Rema Namakula are breaking up.


Just like any breakups, kids always feel the greater pain of it all.


In video seen by this site going viral on different media platforms, we see the two daughters of Eddy Kenzo, Maya, the elder daughter he had with his first woman trying to comfort her little sister Aamaal Musuuza who can't believe that her parents are separating and she has to go live with her mum Rema together with Dr Hamza and leave her father behind with her elder sister.



Eddy Kenzo has two kids and Aamaal is his youngest, the one he had with Rema Namakula when their love was still at its peak but now that they broke up, even the kids have to be separated.


Kenzo could not stand the emotion and he posted on his Facebook page;

"My heart is bleeding, but one day☝️😞🙏 bye is painful 😭", Eddy Kenzo shared the video on his social media.

Watch the video below:

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