Is Jackie Chandiru Really Dead?- Find The Truth

Posted on Sep 16, 2019
By Site admin

The Social Media community was in total shock last night when an artwork of R.I.P was attached to Ugandan female Diva Jackie Chandiru who is currently battling drug abuse.


This photo artwork sky rocked the media at exactly 9 pm, and many of her fans went into tears with questions allover the controversial photo.


Question no more, here are some of the information our team managed to gather surrounding this news.


First of all, it is true Jackie is not in a perfect condition, and it also true that, she was removed from Naguru Hospital to an unknown place by unknown people. 


However, it is not true that Jackie Chandiru is dead.

From a reliable source, Jackie is alive though not in good health.

So, the artwork being spread on social media hold no truth and should be disregarded.

Her manager Julie also confirmed on her page that, her client is NOT dead as being spread on social media.


Well, we as xpozed will keep following this story for you. 

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