Brain Up And Stop Putting Us At Gun Point To Play Your Music- Radio Presenter Nelly Jr Warns West Nile Artistes

Posted on Aug 13, 2019
By Brian Skillz

Working with Ugandan musicians has never been an easy job as one has to battle with all sorts of characters that call themselves celebrated musicians. They all want the same treat, fame and needs at the same time.


God’s Son a.k.a Nelly Jr of Radio Paci had no kind words for such panting and demanding artistes who keep commanding radio presenters and Deejays to include their song on their play list by force when some of the songs even don’t need plays.


Nelly through a Facebook post on one of the West Nile’s blog group point blanked them.


He says; Even Daniel Kawesa spent more than 6million just to promote Nebufunyafunya hit in the central market but here artists and promoters pay 10k and command presenters on what to play....🤔🙄🙄
Lord Have Mercy ©©


Nelly’s post got mixed reactions though the point was clearly pointing at panting artistes who command radio presenters on gun point to have their songs played.




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