Prophet Mbonye’s Followers Scared As Bebe Cool Joins The League Of Prophets

Posted on May 08, 2019
By Site admin

Last week when Barcelona walloped Jurgen Klopp's side Liverpool 3 goals to nil in the first leg of the Champion  League's semi-final, all Ugandans knew it was all over for Liverpool except Bebe Cool who got his prophecy for the second leg.

Bebe Cool went to his Facebook page and made a prophecy that, Barcelona would not qualify for Champion League final regardless of their win in the first leg, something that got his fans wondering why Bebe would make such impossible predictions.

Well, it seems Bebe serves the right Allah, as last Night Liverpool came from the 3 nil beating to win against Barca 4 to 3 in the second leg. 

His reason was simply that the Spanish champions would not qualify for the final because of a one Ousmane Dembele – a Muslim on their squad.

Dembele is the reason Barca can't qualify for the champions league finals.
Musilamu PART 2

— #TheGoldenHeart (@BebeCoolUG) May 1, 2019


And yes, Barcelona lost last night to Liverpool, this makes Bebe Cool the first football prophet among all the Prophets this country has.

Here is the highlight of the game.


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