You are Too Ugly To Be A Friend To Cute Spice Diana - Bad Black Blast Lydia Jazmine

Posted on Apr 16, 2019
By Site admin

City socialite and a proud commercial sex worker Shanita Namuyibwa alias Bad Black has come out to show her concern over singer Lydia Jazmine’s looks.

Bad Black posted a video on her snap chat dissing Lydia Jazmine, calling her an ugly lady with fake nails.

She went ahead to question why Spice Diana could relate to an ugly friend like Lydia.

 Bad Black warned men out there chasing after Jasmine to watch out for their future fortunes if they decide to hook up with the singer.

Lydia Jasmine recently appeared in a skimpy outfit during Prima’s baby shower (Geosteady’s wife) and according to Bad Black, the singer’s flat feet mesmerized her.

As it is alleged according to the cultural superstitions that women with flat feet are considered as misfortunes and the disappointed Bad Black is sorry that Bad Black is one of them.


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