I Am The Best Alur Artiste- Elton Lover Boy Claims No. 1 Spot In The Indusrty

Posted on Apr 08, 2019
By Brian Skillz

Many have been wondering which alur artiste currently is number one and the best of all...looking at the alur music industry having big names like Lucky Dee, Bush Boy, Produza Brayio, Jaribunga, Mundelle and the rest.

Elton Lover Boy had to settle the score last evening by claiming the number one spot in the alur music.

Elton while on one of the west nile based radio station - Radio Pacis, Arua gave the listeners one of the answers they were all waiting for.

Nelly Jr the show host of the West Nile Panorama program on Pacis asked Elton; Are you the best artist in alur land?

Elton was quick to answer ', YES, i am currently the best and no. 1 alur artiste in our music industry.

This answer from Elton Lover Boy is yet to meet reactions from the big shots in the industry.

We shall follow up this for you.....


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