The Battle Between Sheebah And Cindy Takes A New Twist With Fans

Posted on Mar 20, 2019
By Brian Skillz

Cindy came out last week on a Tv interview and tabled her interest for a music battle concert between her and the Karma Queen Sheebah Karungi of Team No Sleep, little did she know that the fans had always wanted to hear that...

And when Sheebah responded to Cindy that, Cindy can only teach her how to sing on a live band and she(Sheebah) Can teach the King Her self Cindy on how to invest and build a mansion in Muyonyo as she has done.

This statement by Sheebah sparked off the online battle between the two camps. The fans for two camps went online to vote for their queen of the battle with others giving their opinion on who has it all between Sheebah and Cindy. 

Here are some of the online reactions to the battle between Sheebah and Cindy  .............





Well, we wait for battle concert between the queen and king herself - Sheebah and Cindy  





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