Rap Music Is Not For Fake Music Artistes Like You - Astro Lifa Lists

Posted on Mar 14, 2019
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The West Nile Rap Prince,Astro Lifa as many calls him,has come out today with a blast at all artistes who think that they rappers when they are actually not.

Astro Lifa is a music Rapper who has owned many rap music hit songs to his name in the alur music industry eversince last year 2018. He is regarded as the next generation of music icons,...his music has put a very big embargo kinda feel to Fik Femeica's music in the alur land,many music lovers now listen to more of his music whenever they feel like listening to Fik music.

He made hit songs like Avatida, Nyok and now his latest Okurukpak,a song that has become an anthem to many without any clear reasons to it.

Astro now believes, that is the power of rap music and not everyone can handle the job.

He came out today and blasted all the other fake rappers within west nile who discredit his rap skills.

Through a post on his page, the rapper says;

πŸ‘‘Real rappersπŸŽ™
Have got strong lyrics,πŸ’ͺ
If you can't come up with some good
lyrics then it's better u start singing where u can cryπŸ˜– at a certain point n it still sounds dope.
πŸ‘‘Rap music is not for everyone...


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