Bad Black Saves Pretty Glo From Online Mob Justice

Posted on Mar 06, 2019
By Site admin

Apparrently,Bad Black is not as bad as some people think she is, she has become the first Celebrity within Uganda's varsinity to help the struggling artiste-Pretty Glo from her drug addictions.

Pretty Glo was nabbed in a video on Monday showing her steal a phone from one of the Kampala city Shopping Malls.

The public largely blamed the act on her drug addiction behaviours...They poured her with all sorts of words untill Bad Black came to her rescue last night.

Black took Glo for shopping around town before taking her to a reharb centre where Black paid her 1,000,000/= as a commitment fee.

Will this save Glo from her drug addictions????......Keep it here for updates on the progress.


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