23 Year Old Lady Trades Her Virginity For Sex To Please Her Mum-Politicians Top The Bid To Test Her Holly Marry.

Posted on Feb 24, 2019
By Site admin

Shockingly, Turkey-based Azerbaijani most successful model has put up her virginity for sale to purchase a house for her mother and finance her studies overseas.

Mahbuba Mammadzada, 23, said she wanted to sell her virginity to 'make her mum proud'

This has attracted men of the highest caliber who have been wooed by the juicy thighs of the model. The alluring tenderness in her skin and irresistible face got rich men including a top German club Munich football player mesmerized.

Mahbuba’s modelling agency identified three top bidders with Japanese politician declared the eventual winner followed by London lawyer and the said Bundesliga player, Daily Mail reported on Friday, February 22.

The lady is selling her ‘Nunu’ for whooping $ 2 Millions.

The conversations in social media had others saying they lost their virginity in maize plantations.


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