"Access Fm Arua is not Broke" - Management Denies Defaulting Rent Payments

Posted on Apr 07, 2021
By Derrick Passy
Westnile has for the past few years enjoyed the Peace It's Elders & Fore Fathers fought for & this can evidently seen by the booming Investments in the Region through different sectors Including the much Celebrated Media, easing Information sharing & Entertainment.
Currently In Arua Out of Five people if asked Which their best Radio Station is, It'll be hard for at least three not to mention Access Fm because of it's balanced Programming & Urban music plays, A Mileage the station is enjoying hand in hand with Battle of Fights, Competition as well as Fake & False Rumours with the latest news Circulating & Pinning the Station to defaulting rent arreas for months thus soon being evicted.
Westnilexpozed.com upon landing on this information got in touch with the Station Manager Mr Deus Tinkasiimire who refuted the allegations & asked the Public to treat it as defaming & False.
While talking to us, Mr Deus was Quoted as saying; "Ever since we occupied this house the station is in, we have never defaulted any month Even though The world was on it's knees fighting Corona Pandemic, we remained Obedient paying rent as documented in here (While showing us the receipt acknowledging rent payments to date)"
Mr Deus Instead Apologized to their Partners & Clients for the Misinformation being Spread & has warned who ever is behind it to desist before the long arm of the law catches up with him/her.
It must therefore be noted that, Access Broadcasting Services Arua is still operating from it's usual place along Independence Road near Springs Nursery & Primary School though plans are underway to move to a permanent home anytime.


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