Arua Dj's Attempt to Escape Over unpaid Rent Room Arrears Lands him in Shame

Posted on Jan 12, 2021
By Derrick Passy

"Being Sharp minded doesn't apply in all cases especially if it reaches it's 40th day" This can be testified by Arua based DJ Spinnoff Kyle aka Super hype MC who's attempt to escape last night from a room he has been renting proved futile.


According to reports, DJ Spinnoff Kyle who resides along Arua-Pakwach Road in Abirici Village near Fal Petrol Station attempted to evacuate his properties in the middle of the night from the double room he has been renting at a cost of 180,000/- (One Hundred eighty thousand Shillings) monthly but luck denied him when a neighbor tipped off the landlord about what was happening Who Immediately showed up as the Vehicle that had carried the room properties was at the Verge of leaving. has learnt that, Due to some financial constraints probably related to Corona Virus Pandemic, The rent arrears that have accumulated to a tune of over 1,200,000/- (One Million Two Hundred Thousand Shillings seemed to have become hard to be cleared by Dj Spinnoff.


Following the Interception of the vehicle & the properties, DJ Spinnoff Kyle was forced to offload the items before being asked to first clear the arrears as the vehicle hired was set free.


Attempts to get Clarification from DJ Spinnoff Kyle was however futile by press time as our repeated calls went through unanswered but we hope the two parties can come to a mutual understanding sooner or later for there's a say "Something must kill a Man".



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