Ugandan Artiste Hijacks Eezzy's Tumbiza Sound Remix For The Ministry Of Health

Posted on Jan 05, 2021
By Brian Skillz
Shocking as it sounds, but it is true that an upcoming artiste by the names of Sharp Emma has fully hijacked the MoH project given to Eezzy to remix his Tumbiza Sound to a COVID 19 friendly sound.
Sharp Emma
Sharp Emma has now released the exact content the team at MoH would be happy to hear, in a song titled- Kendeza sound.
The song spells out the Covid-19 SOPs as recommended by the Ministry of Health.
We are yet to contact Eezzy's mgt team to find out whether they will be up to sue the upcoming artiste, Emma for the hijack and using the exact mental of the original Tumbiza Sound song.
Listen to the song below:


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