Lp Shaady Should Respect us the Seniors for He has not Released any Westnile Hit song - Dr Dayan

Posted on Dec 05, 2020
By Derrick Passy

Today's weekend has seemingly started on a great vibe for us the Entertainment followers as Amandu Dayan alias Dr Dayan has taken part of his busy Schedule that he could use to be drilling Elnino drip or Chewing a Benghazi to attack his fellow music Comrade.


Through a Facebook Post, Dr Dayan who seemingly was hurt to veins jotted his annoying post appealing to his comrade Shaady asking him Respect his Seniors & act maturely since he doesn't have a hit song Westnile has danced to like some of them as Seniors have done.


In the Open Letter, Dr Dayan also assured Lp that his songs are only listened to by a section of Lugbara Speaking community as Copied below;


"OPEN LETTER TO lp shady! As Today's My Resting Day, I Have Decided To Lecture This small boy Who dreams During The Day That He's Here In The Game (Music Industry) To Chase His Fellow Artists To Their Different Villages!!! Alas! Please, someone help me tell lp shady to respect his level and that of his seniors!IF HIS SENIORS WERE TO BEHAVE LIKE THE WAY HE'S SCARING HIS MATES (OTHERS ARE EVEN LYRICALLY BETTER THAN HIM).........I DON'T THINK HE WOULD HAVE BEEN HERE IN THE GAME TODAY(FROM BEING MY SENIOR BROTHER JM KENNEDY'S DISC CARRIER TO A RECORDING ARTIST)!!!!! Finally, lp shady......you are my good friend. Truth Be Told, You Are Indeed Talented BUT THE WHOLE OF WEST NILE HASN'T DANCED TO A HIT SONG FROM YOU LIKE SOME US HAVE DONE!!! It's only in ARUA and perhaps lugbara speaking areas where people know a few of your songs!!!! PLEASE, HAVE RESPECT FOR OTHERS AND I BET YOU CAN STILL GO ALL OVER WEST NILE AND BEYOND. GOOD LUCK once again still small boy#kingkong! *I would've written lengthy but REMEMBER it's my resting day yaaari! "


With this Post, We at www.westnilexpozed.com are on ground waiting to update you on how LP Shaady will respond to Dr Dayan who is famous for songs like Kali Kali, Love Walele, Mi asi ma MBA etc.



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