You can't be Famous yet Poor - Otelul Cries for Westnile's Entertainment Governing Body

Posted on Nov 25, 2020
By Derrick Passy

Famous Sports Maestro & P.R.O of Arua Hill SC Lematia Adams alias Otelul Vegas is not living a happy man as per his latest Facebook post not only for himself but for the sake of Most Entertainment stakeholders across the region.


According to Otelul Vegas who has been a Radio Presenter in some of the stations around town, Most Entertainers across the region are meagerly paid with some receiving as low as 100,000/- in a month thus being famous but living a low life over their Talent yet the Entertainment Industry is one of the most paying sectors in the world thus need for a Strong Governing Body so as to fight this vice.


Below is the uncensored Facebook Post Otelul made;


"I once said, the entertainment industry in westnile needs a strong governing body, few stood with me. MC's, Artists, comedians, presenters etc. You can't be femous and u take home nothing yet entertainment sector is one of the most paying in the world. Someone is rich with your talent but u are blacking hungry. You can't be a slave under your own talent, you can't reduce yourself as low as 100k per month. In this sector, people drive and build, but here, our 2 pairs of shoes suffers for 2 years with unpaid rent for 6 months, all we have is the catchy A. K. A U all keep quiet about this, acting things are fine, concentrating on other people's problems over the radio and other platforms , yet We have our own problems."


Few days ago, we ran a story about Rashid a former Radio Station Manager who is Walking from K'la to Arua Protesting his Unpaid arrears from Spirit FM Koboko since 2017 when he Joined & With Otelul's post, It must be evident that most Media personalities in the region are meagerly paid as some do the work because they have no way out.




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