Manager Naks Fires Wyne B From His Management Over Calling Names In Songs

Posted on Nov 23, 2020
By Prosper

Paidha based talent manager commonly known as Naks Manager is shading tears after he bitter fell out with one of his artiste Whyn B over misinterpretation of the contract.

Whyne B and Naks have been working together in lines of promotion since March this year 2020.



However, their work has come to an end after Wyne B allegedly began giving the management much pressure on lines that were not agreed upon in the contract.

It is said at the signing of the contract, the two parties agreed to work only in the line of promotions. I.e. online promotions of Whyn B brand and ground promotions. Wyne B somehow began asking for too much. He kept asking for music videos and recording of new songs from Naks management, something that was not agreed upon in the contract.


Looking at this, Naks decided to terminate their contract with the artiste.



Other sources claim, Naks gave the artiste a condition to stop calling names in his songs and exit a label he was allegedly a vice president to, if he wanted the video and audio offers to be included in the new contract.

Wyne B rejected the conditions something that brought a dead to their working relationship that started on 21st March 2020. following the blows for you….




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