"You ran with my money but I now have your wife & It's what I wanted" - Finger Man to Producer Don

Posted on Nov 13, 2020
By Derrick Passy

Many Facebook users in westnile were yesterday left in ewe after what started as a Brotherhood between two Westnile blood producers Dramadri Donald alias Producer Don & Finger man as work mates in F- Records during the hey days & later moving to an advanced location with Quality equipments in D'aru within Eastern D.R.C has absolutely ended in tears after Don is said to have disappeared with huge unspecified amount of money from the Tito Round-about based Maison Mére Studio


According to Intel received, Finger man who shifted to D'aru from Arua Citing Poor Production Business opened his Audio & video Studio before invitng Pro Don to handle the Audio Productions as he handles Video later on.


Not so long ago, things turned bizarre after Finger man Claimed Pro Don worked on several artists without handing over him the production money after a lengthy period of work time.


"After disappearing from here, He blocked all communication avenues with me after I asked him about my money he disappeared with. I have now decided to fall in serious love with his wife here & soon I'm making it official with her, So for that reason I don't need the money back since I've got what I wanted" Finger Man Informed us while assuring Pro Don shortly before uploading the photo of the Frienemy's wife online as the woman did the same by uploading Finger Man's photo as her profile Photo on Facebook, a clear sign that the two are Chewing each other raw.


whether this craziness will end in tears or years is what we at www.westnilexpozed.com are closely monitoring.



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