Wise DG is a Snake with Seven heads, He Sold my Plot of land - Former Promoter Benjamin Cries out Loud

Posted on Oct 29, 2020
By Derrick Passy

Info reaching our ears from always story rich Madi Sub-Region has it that the Music Guru of the Region Wise DG Agameli aka Northern Sniper may sooner than later not be able to see eye to eye with once his Best friend, Music Promoter & Financier Benjamin Wani after the two fell out which emerged to Benjamin later accusing Wise DG of selling his plot of land.


Ugandan born of Madi, Canada based Wani who is said to have been behind Wise DG Agameli's musical career bitterly fell out with him over unclear reasons as he later resorted to manage Young Bizzo & Boogie Mo under his Sea Management label, Something that could be the Genesis of this trouble.


Benjamin Wani in a Facebook post who described Wise DG as Dangerous Reptile had this as Quoted;


"Some friendships last forever.you hear of life long friends often sharing ideas, helping each other, be a part of each other's family lives who rock on the porch and talk about the ''good ol' days'' but today my best friend Wise DG Agameli has changed to be like a dangerous snake with seven heads. Just because of the hunger of wealth, the guy sold my plot in adjumani town to one of his friends. NYARAGA is alive. I can't wait to see how this game is gonna end."


Snoops are in a bid to find out what Nyaraga hit maker Wise DG will have to say over this & you'll be posted.



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