Produza Brayo Headlines Top 5 New Songs Released This Week With His ‘Batania’

Posted on Oct 12, 2020
By Brian Skillz

October seems to be a busy month for the artistes across the land, as the week opens with potential multiple hit bangers.



Produza Brayo makes the return with a new song titled ‘Batania’, Cuts B also jumps on reggae jam ‘Still Have Life’’ an emotional song to his fans talking about real-life situations, Shain Majatambara rebrands to Chain Music Ug in his new song’ Urwoo’, another masterpiece.



Rap K teams up with the legend himself, JM Kennedy also in a new song ‘Maleng’ as the Alur music duo TV n Buzzard kills it in ‘Ize’



Listen and download them below;


1. Batania By Produza Brayo


2. Still Have Life By Cuts B


3. Urwoo By Chain Music Ug


4. Maleng By Rap K Ft Jm Kennedy


5. Ize By TV n Buzzard


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