We Won't Play Songs With Mentioned Names- Radio Presenters

Posted on Sep 16, 2020
By Site admin

The latest developing coming on our desks from Alur Music industry indicates that, a section of radio presenters are vowing to stop playing songs that have names of radio presenters , Deejays and other personalities mentioned in them.



These presenters say, such songs divide them as a media forces and they do not encourage it anymore.



Steve, a radio presenter on KFM , Kiryandongo, added that they feel disrespected when Alur artistes mention names of other radio presenters from other radio stations and leave others yet they are eqaully doing the same work. He says, his interest is not to have his name on songs but, he is just fighting a bad idea since it divides them.



From sources, over three radio stations in Bunyoro subregion have agreed to join the fight to put an end to the vice.


For the record, calling of names of radio presenters, Deejays and other businessmen in songs by Alur artistes begun around 2017 and it was absorbed by almost all artistes including upcoming artistes. It has been going and still going on, however, some music critics say, it is a local way of doing music because it hinders promotion of such a song...saying, such songs are regarded as adverts and professional media houses can not play it without payments for it to go on air.


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