In Arua We mostly have Damagers Instead of Managers & Demoters instead of Promoters - Kliff XV

Posted on Aug 15, 2020
By Derrick Passy

"Arua has no serious players in the music field & as a result we have Demoters instead of promoters & Damagers instead of Managers a reason there are less than 3 hit songs for the last 5 years" These were some of the words of Rapper Kliff XV of Lanjura song as he was hosted this afternoon in Arua based Access Fm's Northern Connection program.


For long, Cry for local music support has been an issue that continues raising eye brows particularly in the Central Business Town of Arua City something that Kliff XV just like others continue crying for.etc.


While being hosted by Hassan Da BigBrother, Kliff who was premiering his latest Gospel Single Gave examples with neighboring Sub-region's noted that; It's regrettable to see Slaughterman perform within Madi area for Not less than A Million Shillings while the Arua Counter parts perform for peanuts something he feels should change.etc.


The lately silent Kliff XV is behind songs like Apo tua ku, Lanjura, Mi Afi etc.



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