I'm going to Arrest Producer Fai for messing with my Wife - Producer/DJ Key Speaks

Posted on Jul 14, 2020
By Derrick Passy

When you thought it was all done, Arua a place of all possibilities still has it in full HD Package for you. All you have to do is self Quarantine with a Coffee, tea or beer & enjoy.


News Reaching our desk has it that, Puna fight has ensued between two Audio Producers Fai a Co-Producer at Arua based Malcom Records & Aru based Eagles Record's Producer DJ Key Da King Power Over legendary Female Artist Chandiru Leila of Emgbeleke & Asionzi fame songs.


DJ Key who Proposed to Leila with "Syrup'' Song has lately been spotted by our Snoops enjoying Romantic moments after Successfully winning her heart has Promised to show his Man Power by Sending to Jail Pro Fai for attempting to touch a Lion's tail.


DJ Key while talking to us after hearing the song has Promised to let Fai know a famous African Proverb; A kid Can Play with the mother's Breast but not the Father's testicles.


Our attempts to get Pro Fai for Comments seemed to have got him on his right hand side where he assured us that; Chandiru Leila has been his Lover for a very long time & it still stands a reason be Released her a Song. "I will never let her go & I promise to fight for what rightfully belongs to me" - Fai Concluded.


Where all the ping-pongs will end is a big reason your Best Blog www.westnilexpozed.com is here for you.



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