This is Just The Beginning of Appreciation - CY Tip

Posted on Jun 17, 2020
By Jr Eye
Had it not been for the Corona Virus Pandemic that has brought the world on its knees resulting into closure of bars & hang out joints, The DJs would be out Spending sleepless nights doing what they do best as far as pushing songs are concerned.
Like it has been witnessed during the earlier pandemic era, A number of Artists & promoters have come out through the task forces to support their counter parts in the Dj fraternity, Arua Born Kampala Based President of Lighterz Entertainment President CY Tip has not been different either by donating free Customized T-Shirts for the Top DJs in Arua.
While handing over the first batch of the T-Shirts through Sir Derrick Passy of & Passy Avenue yesterday, NUEAwards Nominee CY Tip Said, " The Deejays deserve to be appreciated for risking their Lives & Spending nights out because of them as Artists."
Respect to you all our #Djz.
He also emphasized the need to support each other for by God's Grace, It's the only way we can make westnile music reach heights. has learnt that, CY Tip is the first Artist to donate free T-Shirts to Djs in a move seen as a method of Branding himself within the Dj fraternity so as to ease pushing of his music career. He hopes to consider the Radio Presenters, Bloggers, MCs & all other Media Players soon at a time.
CY Tip is the Lead singer at Lighterz Entertainment behind Songs like Belinda, Cindrella, African Gal etc


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