Corona Leaves Nebbi’s Promoter Ivan On Suicide Watch

Posted on Jun 11, 2020
By Brian Skillz

Latest news landing on our desk has it that, people of Nebbi are in worries for one of its prominent event promoter, Promoter Ivan after the young promoter got hit hard by the Corona pandemic.


It is said Ivan, banked a lot of money in an event that he dreamt of holding in December this year 2020 but from the looks of things, his money might likely end in deep waters without returns due to corona pandemic that has put a halt to social events. This has got the promoter in total depression mode and his friends and family have put him under suicide watch., saying they won’t take chances.

He has been cursing Corona and its roots for making him bank on a likely dead investment. He was also heard telling friends that, he will never forgive whoever brought Corona to Uganda.


From the materials obtained, it is true; Ivan paid Raja Deluxe Hall Three hundred Thousand Uganda shillings(300,00/=)  as deposits on 2nd March 2020 for the venue space of his event that was to run on 25th December

2020...and was left with a balance of Four hundred Fifty thousand Shillings to clear.


Promoter Ivan is known for holding big events in Nebbi on Christmas days. This seems to be taking a different twist on him.

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