Pasha Amaro Breaks Odds like a Magician, Lives Ex lovers wanting her back

Happiness & Ululation is the current best combination of words that can be used to describe the mood of the the Arua Based African Song bird Pasha Amaro after seeing herself feature on one of the most followed Blogs across the world.

Pasha today broke the records of the odds by becoming the first Ugandan Female artist to feature on Wizkid News.

Wizkid News is a blog for Nigerian music fans and African music lovers that has over 1.7 Million followers on instagram Globally.


Upon seeing her artwork feature on the blog, The young futuristic lad who couldn't hide her excitement took it to facebook inquiring the price of Air ticket such that she could head to Oga's land inorder to meet her new Nigerian fans who survive on Pepper soup, Jellof Rice & Agege bread. Congratulates Pasha Amaro upon this this achievement of featuring on this site as it's another win for her wide range of covers Rendition.

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