Concerntrate on growing your Dreads - Monopoly Blasts PCY

Only an Open letter that started with Apologies from the Black People's Universe Band lead Singer & Vocalist PCY outlining Fake & Poor Presentation by some Artists on the Bedroom Remix Ridim including Monopoly's version that was Originally composed by Harmonize was enough to ignite & wake up the devil sleeping in the Holy man of God Emmanuel alias Monopoly Badcharacter the boy from Maracha.

Not even the advise on the long post could convince the current active & most trending Arua groomed artist who used the lock down moment to express his dissatisfaction on the Facebook article.

In Monopoly's argument, Bedroom isn't his project that required seriousity but by the fact that Many artists have released & Continue releasing their versions is enough for him to have thought of adding a Lugbara blend to it so as to grab the local Audience since Harmonize is generally loved with the Lugbara speaking ethnicity.

Furious Monopoly also added that, He Respects the Art thus intends to make only 2 or 3 fans happy but not to Please PCY in any capacity.

"He's not suppose to like me & I damn don't care what he says. Let him focus on bringing food on the table else go & grow his dreads" - Says Monopoly Badcharacter.

Monopoly Badcharacter became the second in Westnile to release the Bedroom Remix featuring Tanzania's Harmonize after Slaughter man Di Panga.

Others that have added their voice include DJ Poppa, Nukuta Nzeza's Revlation & Elton Loverboy.

Rappa Blutit is rumored to be in the kitchen cooking his version too.

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