Bennie K Video leakage is a Promo Skill & Stunt - W'ojok dekoda

Following an eye brow raising news that rocked social media & left many in ewe regarding the visual works of a yet to be released Bennie K's Ini Kendi Video that found its way Online before Official release, Kampala based Rwoth Midhug Alur (King of Alur Language) W'ojok Dekoda has Come out to Rubbish the talks & hit the last nail to the Long discussion of How the video could have got it's way out of the Production room plus Gadgets & by who before the Official release.

In his Words, The Alur Mudhing Star roasts Westnilers for making small stories sound big & taking minor issues at hand too serious citing examples of stunts played by Central artists to win Sympathy & become topic of discussions.

In this Case, Dekoda concluded that, The story of the video claiming to be uploaded from a back door is a stunt & Pre-Promotional measure. was however informed of the leaked video that was shot by Premiere Filmz & photography early this week.

Accordingly, The Artist, His Manager Pow Erickz & Premiere Filmz & Photography have made a request to Youtube management so as to help pull down the video from a channel of an anonymous only identified as DJ Timothy who is said to be having 4 Subscribers.

Bennie K is a Dancehall music Pundit signed to Pow Erickz Management alongside Kaga Bwoy etc.

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