Westnile upcoming Artist Survives Death after Sleeping with a Married Woman

There's a saying that '' You don't die because of circumstances but because it's your day" .. This proverb can evidently be witnessed as the Angels in Heaven almost received a new visitor following anger that filled residents of Bukasa as they almost put out of action an upcoming Westnile Artist refered to as Stormy Wiz accusing him of Adultery.

According to information obtained, Stormy Wiz survived Heaven's Gate at the mercy of Good Samaritans who handed him over to the nearby L.D.U officers who later handed him to Local authorities. Upon being punished, Stormy Wiz was then handed over to the Relatives as they were advised to relocated him elsewhere.

Accordingly, The advise came forth because, Stormy Wiz has for long been accused of his close attachments to married Women thus always being suspected of such acts by the locals over time.

While talking to www.westnilexpozed.com, the young active Half Madi Rhino and Half Alur from Pakwach boy denied Sleeping with the Married woman tho admitted to have received love advances from the married woman.

"She has been telling people she admires my style and people changed the whole story upside down nevertheless we have solved it & I'm now staying in a new location here in Kiira" Admits Stormy Wiz.

Stormy is behind songs like iloku kwa para, Over dose, Alelu mi etc that can be obtained from www.westnilexpozed.com.

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