Leaked: Why Bonny Smiles Is Quitting Pakwach Fm

Posted: 19/May/2020 Views : 546
Leaked: Why Bonny Smiles Is Quitting Pakwach Fm

Social Media was watched with reactions today morning after Pakwach Fm’s radio presenter Uncle Bonny Smile made a post about his exit from the station.

Many of his listeners didn’t receive the news in good faith and kept wondering why most of the good presenters at the station are exiting the station lately without any good reason.

It should be remembered that the first set of presenters that left the Pakwach based radio station were Professor Dorombe Ku Ngom and Mastura who later joined Paidha Fm followed by Gaucho who also left in February this year. Their exit raised eyebrows but we have managed to get some slight rumours from the station’s corridors to answer the why part of their leaving.

Rumours has that, the station has too many internal fights and the environment has become hostile to some of the presenters.  Too much bickering within the presenters to the management. The station has failed to hold internal meetings since February, and many internal conflicts have never been addressed.

The informer further says, Bonny handed in his resignation letter to the management of the station on 2nd May 2020 but he was not given any attention for a round table talk to find out reasons for his resignation. Only to be replied on 16th May 2020. Where the station accepted his resignation without asking for reasons.  

Rumour also has that, most of these presenters always get tipped by their firing by the station through corridors and the communication is never official. They always hand in their resignation letters before they are embarrassed.

It is like they are usually forced out of the station without any clear reasons.

However,  we are still treating this as a mere rumour until we get information from the management of this station to clarify on this......



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