Singer Zee B narrowly survives curfew via Footshubishi.
Zee B is one artist currently reciting holy rosary consecutively without missing any word following his recent escape when rounded up by the green-eyed boss Local Defense Unit (LDU) . The horror movie occurred on Monday evening when the Lugambo hit maker left his home to meet his long time girlfriend known as Concy of OvuruYindi village Paidha Town Council. A resident who preferred anonymity told westnilexpozed that Zee B and Concy started Curdling each other at around 6:30 PM forgetting it was approaching curfew time. " we told them openly that they were making love in a war zone area and time, but our alert felt on deaf ears. " said the resident. The two lover Birds met their worst moment as they trek and curdle towards the bushy area around Paidha Teacher's College. At around 8PM , they blindly landed in a curfew ambush , and the best asset that saved them was their pair of legs. They both scattered to different directions at break neck speeds changing one gear after the other. When contacted, Zee B told us that it was one of his worst moment during this lock down and vowed to stick to his house wife And promised never to date any slay Queen during this lock down. Recently Dj Kennix of 88.2 Rain bow Radio Nebbi was also a victim of the same circumstance. He received a hot slice of chappatti slap straight on his face and fainted immediately. It is also rumoured that sections of Nebbi town celebrities last week ran for their dear lives when they were rounded up at Got Nebbi for failure to adhere to social distance and unnecessary movement. Zee B is currently working on his latest Audio project titled Divad with Pro Jazim of Ruviecom Media

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