I'm So Pissed off with Bon Viras & Kampala Based Artists - V Click


Anger & Annoyance is the only mood that can best be used to describe Half Alur, Half Lugbara Arua Based Dancehall music Pundit V Click right Now.

Accordingly, V Click is Furious & Annoyed for some Westnile Born Kampala Based Artists over Irrelevant and what he terms Disrespectful Statements they make towards home Music directly Finger Pointing at Bon Viras De Seabon.

Clicks's Anger Follows two posts by Yumbe Born, Kampala Based Bon Viras De Seabon where he first Criticized Arua Artists for not Singing Romantic Love Songs & the recent post where he Appreciated few & termed a number of Corona Awareness songs from Westnile as Boring, Fake & Provocative to Corona Virus Pandemic itself which may make it not to End.

His Post didn't receive warm reception among the Artists most especially from Arua as some like Robin Man asked him to sing his Version to prove he can do it better.

While talking to westnilexpozed.com this evening, Click said they run Arua Entertainment Industry so they deserve Respect from their Kampala based Counterparts. "These Boys failed here & ran to Kampala where we thought they would Release hits but Instead they are Sleeping & Criticizing us yet we're running the system here.

They need to give us Respect as well as up their game there" Pissed off Click concluded Bon Viras the accused is behind You are the One song as V Click is behind Oku Ika, Lazy Man & many others

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