Disregard the theft story about me tho I was just Suspected - V Click

Posted on Mar 21, 2020
By Derrick Passy
Click is not a happy man following a Story that went viral on Social media accusing the Arua based Dancehall music Pundit pinning him with photos to have been involved in a theft practice, beaten & tied with rope. As anyone would do if Accused, V Click has Come out to Rubbish the rumors calling it a Baseless lie spread by his enemies to negatively tarnish his Public image & Reputation. While talking to westnilexpozed.com shortly after we published the reports post here, that claimed he was beaten for Stealing 200,00/- from Kazanah Groceries in Mvara Kenya Zone, V Click Denied involving himself in such a shameful act further saying he was fatigued & home sleeping following a field trip from Nebbi during the said time of the incident. He however to have earlier had a case that pinned him for theft at the said shop. "The Truth is I was not beaten, Wound free much as I was Suspected to have been behind some money loss from that very shop because I went there to Scan the company Fridge this week since I work with Coca-Cola. I've been receiving calls from some C.I.D officers who claimed they wanted to have me for a Show, today when I returned from scannings in Nebbi I was immediately held by the Officers who took me to the shop & Claimed I'm behind the loss of some money from that particular shop on the day I went. We viewed the CCTV Footage which proved me innocent & I was set Free. I was neither beaten nor tied with a rope as alleged. Those are guys I refused to offer Collabo Spreading rumors to damage my reputation" V Click Concluded & further added, he knows who is behind this & will deal with him.


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