I Will Keep Breaking Your Stage Untill You Love Me-W'ojok Dekoda Vows

Posted on Jan 31, 2020
By Brian Skillz

W'ojok Dekoda is among top Alur music Artistes who do magic during stage performances.


The Hipipo Award 2019 nominee Dekoda's energy went an extra mile last night during one of his show performances in areas of Masindi, where he broke a stage during the performance. Other performers behind him were left without a podium to perform on.



The organizers had to struggle to put up an emergency stage to sort out the situation, and warned Dekoda to reduce his energy while on stage. They further said, they spent a lot of time building the broken podium only for Dekoda to break it within 2 minutes of his performance.




However, Dekoda says, he won't reduce his energy and has promised to break more podiums this year to show his thirst for fame and Alur Music.


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