Quin Gee: LP Shaady is Promoting us as Ladies, Why can't my friend understand ?

Posted on Jan 29, 2020
By Derrick Passy
The ping pong sorrounding Imbe saga is seemingly taking a serious yet an interesting direction with the involvement of One of the victims in Imbe song. Self styled Music Mogul has today Opened up on her side. Like the saying goes; Birds of the same feather flock together, Quin Gee is in support of LP Shaady saying He was Promoting them as female Artists therefore, none of them should take it Personal. While talking to westnilexpozed.com, Quin Gee Argues that It's very wrong for her counterpart G.A Swagga to look at Legal Redress as a way of Solving her dissatisfaction since she started the attacks first especially when she released "Wacha Matiso" in which she had a line attacking King Kong's Lp Shaady. " Apart from her attacking him first, That Imbe is also Promoting us as Ladies. Most of the ladies mentioned there are dormant. It's for the song that people are picking interest in we the divas. Therefore let my friend be humble & Stop threatening People of law just because she pretends to be Women's Representative Within her circle" Quin Gee added. As your Preferred Leading Infotainment Website, We'll always follow this to the last bit like we already Promised


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