Why Jeezy 128 Has Put A Stop To Nebbi Town Shows

Posted: 09/Jan/2020 Views : 1431
Why Jeezy 128 Has Put A Stop To Nebbi Town Shows

The industry was in shock last evening when they came across a post made by Jeezy 128, a prominent Alur musician stating that he has put a stop to any show bookings to any promoter intending to take him to Nebbi town.



This post brought mix reactions from his fans who failed to understand why their artiste would make such a decision.



 We as Westnilexppozed.com  tried to reach the Cika Wun hit maker Jeezy 128 to ask why; such ideas popped on his mind of putting a full stop to shows in Nebbi at a beginning of the fresh year 2020.


Jeezy simply told us, he had too many shows in Nebbi town during the month of November and December last year 2019.

So, he feels he should take some break from Nebbi town performances for reasons of keeping his brand. He further says, as a professional artiste,  it is wrong for him to go for a show performance at one venue in a month more than four times. Such strategy kills the brand and value of an artiste. He is basically giving himself space and not for any bad intentions.



Jeezy says, he will open bookings for Nebbi town shows by December 2020, but per now, he is not allowing bookings for Nebbi town but areas within Nebbi district are open for bookings.



This is the strategy artiste like Lucky Dee have been using for the past Five to Six years of his music career. Lucky only performs twice in a place in a year. He gives a space of 4 months before making a return to the same place he previously performed. Making him among the highest-priced artistes in Alur land.


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