Why Lango Entertainment Awards Grand Final Moved From 2019 To January 2020- Moi Reveals

Posted on Jan 02, 2020
By Brian Skillz

The prestigious entertainment award, Lango Entertainment Awards pushed their grand finale from December 2019 to 19Th January 2020.



The move got many artists wondering why the organizers would shift the date for the award after all the ground and media advertisement...With some members from the rumour mongers club claiming that the organizers have run broke.



Moi Daniel, the C.E.O of this award has confided in us that, LEA is not broke and has never been broke to the extent of failing to hold their grand finale.



Moi says the main reason for the shifting of the date was to give space for the local artists within Lango who held their events like concerts within December without suffocating them.




''The reason we changed the date from early December last year 2019 to 19th January 2020 was to allow our local artists to hold their events in December without interrupting them, We had many concerts from our local artists here in Lira , and we needed to give them enough support first then after we celebrate with them the success at LEA'' - Moi




The grand finale of this award is now slated for 19th Jan 2020 at Frontpage Garden in Lira town.

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