Dj Poppa & Dj Rhodes Arrested & Detained at Arua CPS

Posted on Dec 13, 2019
By Derrick Passy
Police in Arua have this morning arrested Audio Music Producer & Dj Poppa alongside his colleague Dj Rhodes after the Boda Boda who returned them home after work was reportedly shot Dead & his Motorcycle Taken. According to Reports, Dj Rhodes and Dj Poppa who both Play music in Electra Longue left the club in the wee hours of the morning where the Boda man first dropped Dj Poppa in Ndrifa Area of Mvara & was heading to Onzivu so as to drop Dj Rhodes, about a kilometer into their Ride, A Rope was Put along the Road side which prompted to DJ Rhodes who sensed Danger to Jump from the motorcycle & run for his life shortly before hearing a gunshot. Accordingly they have both been arrested & Detained at Arua Central Police Station to help the police in carrying out investigations.


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