Prossie Joins Pakwach District Women MP Race Under People Power Comes 2021

Posted on Oct 21, 2019
By Mc Bidozo

Majority of youths in the world today have gathered real and Fresh appetite for governing their country.


In the previous Years, Politics and leadership has been termed as responsibilities for rich, elderly, most educated and powerful people but today the myth is broken down by vibrant youths.


BOBI wine has been on a spotlight as a great icon in shaping the current political atmosphere in Africa more especially Uganda today, Leaving many youths hopeful that it's possible and the time is now to take over their country from elders.


Prossie is one calm youth who took her Facebook handle to break the chain and openly inform the world that it's now her turn to drive the newly created Pakwach District to the promised Land.


Speaking to an insider in Prossie's camp, She revealed to Westnilexpozed team that Prossie had wanted to contest in 2017 when the district was just commissioned, only that she was advised by elders to calm down and prepare for 2021.

When contacted, Prossie told our reporter that she is very ready and matured enough to represent Women of Pakwach district in the Parliament. " Age is just a number, maturity is the ability to take up responsibilities given to you amicably. we all went through a lot in life and I would want people of Jonam to Judge the Prossie coming in front of them not the Former Prossie, and now my interests are to serve my people " she added.


Who is Prossie?

Real name Awekonimungu Proscovia born on November 26th 1991 to The Late Police Officer Binega Richard (RIP) of Alwi Puyang (Jupa Atia) and Wanican Florence Binega of Pangere ( of Got Landi).

Prossie attended UCC nursery, and then Joined, St. Mary Primary school and sat Her Primary Leaving Examination (P.L.E) at Star Of the Sea (Pakwach Girls) where her first Leadership carrier started as Head Girl in Primary Five (P.5)

She later Joined Muni Girls ( Arua) and Nam High School Pakwach for Her Ordinary Level where she served as head Girl in the year of 2007/8.

And also attended Pakwach Senior Secondary School (Pasescho) for Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (A-Level) .


Despite the Hardships and challenges as an Orphan raised by a single mother after the untimely demised of their Father around 2007, some good Samaritans and other relatives supported her Further studies and Prossie managed to Join Uganda College of Commerce (UCC) Pakwach where she enrolled her successful Diploma in Procurement and Logistics.


And currently enrolling Her Bachelor Degree in the same course at Kyambogo University, She is also working with Stirling Civil Engineering Limited as a Procurement Assistant.


From2016 to 2019 ... Prossie served as Deputy Chairperson Kampala Alur Initiative (KAYI)

She is happy in A Civil marriage and a mother too.

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