Alur Music Promoter Killed And Resurrects In Entebbe After Failing Revellers

Posted on Oct 11, 2019
By Twicky Bly

The latest details landing on our desk indicates that one Alur promoter identified as Alex has survived a permanent death after he was beaten up by revellers for failing to keep up to his promise.


From sources, promoter ALEX advertised for a show but the show failed at the end.


The show was to host Produza Brayo as the main guest artiste of the night to grace the advertised event.


However, Alex and the Alur artiste, Produza Brayo did not agree at a certain point. It reached around midnight, the heat up revellers began to make demands to have Brayo on stage but Brayo was nowhere. The promoter then requested the revellers to stay calm and allow him to jump on a Boda to go and pick up Brayo.

Unluckily the revellers did not buy his story, they quickly pulled him down from the Boda and begun working on him mercilessly with broken bottles that pierced him everywhere.

He was beaten to death but later on resurrected from the hospital.

It is said that this same promoter one time made the same promise and failed to keep it up. He advertised about jabirunga's show in the same place  but later Jabirunga did not come

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