Arua Radio Guru meets URSB Over Copyright Law

Posted: 26/Sep/2019 Views : 1200
Arua Radio Guru meets URSB Over Copyright Law
Today's journey taken by Radio Pacis' Staff & Presenter Peter De Rock (First from Left) may yield & Impact alot Positivities if What was discussed is to be implemented soon. Peter De Rock was this morning called at the Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB) Offices to talk about copyright Where he was Given some Documents to share with Westnile Artists. Accorsing to among other Informations in the document, One pays 50,000/= {Fifty Thousand shillings} for his material for 50 years. Under this Policy, If anyone uses a Product without consent of the Original Creator, He/She can be sued and the Original Creator gets paid for it. According to the meeting, A Big Challenge that was discovered is, Westnile Artists don't have a Registered Uniting Umbrella though this Process can be beaten Since an Artist can Register his own work as an Individual e.g Skits, Video, Audio, Movie etc and if anyone uses it in a period of 50 years without Permission, As the Owner you can report him/her to URSB and their team follows the matter. Peter De Rock was at the end Given Documents He's supposed to share with Artists & later organise a meeting with the URSB team & The Artists so that more can be shared. This Artist category applies to Bloggers, Media Personalities, MCs, DJs, Musicians/Singers, Event Organizers, Comedians, Drama Actors, Audio & Video Producers, Song Writers, Models etc Peter De Rock Presents Morning Call on Radio pacis 94.5 FM on weekdays & Youth Program on Radio Pacis 90.9 FM On Saturday Afternoons.

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