Kartx Manager, Astro Lifa And  Elton Lover Boy Fall Out Over Devil Worship Claims

The latest rumors making rounds in Nebbi town has it that, the family of Kartx Manager have issued a very strong warning to Elton Lover Boy and West Nile's rap Prince Astro Lifa to stay away from their son. 

Kartx was formerly a talent manager to Elton Lover Boy and shortly with Astro Lifa before forming his own label known as Pioneer Music Entertainment. 

The fall out between the three is something most of the alur music lovers cannot believe.

From sources, all was geared up by a lady identified as Rose when Kartx was taken for a spiritual prayer to this lady due to unknown sickness that rocked his health for the past 2 months.

Rose shocked the family with a revelation that, Kartx Manager’s spirit has been tied under one river within the land and waiting for his final death by some artistes. The lady further revealed that, Kartx’s spirit was being guarded by 7 evil spirits under the river as his death date nears.

However, she did not mention the names of the artistes involved but her revelation indicated that, the artistes were close friends to Kartx manager and they want to sacrifice his soul to the devil. The minds in the room ran straight to pin Elton Lover Boy and Astro Lifa, who have been Kartx’s closest friends from childhood before he became their talent manager.

Karxt’s family has now vowed to keep their son way from the two with strong warnings till further notice. All communication lines from phone to face to face has been cut off as Kartx forced out of  talent management job for life.

We shall keep you posted.........

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