Dangers Of Using The FaceApp

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Dangers Of Using The FaceApp

There is a new challenge in town that is currently going viral; FaceApp challenge.

While it looks like all fun and games, you just might have breached your own security online by using this App.

The use of the app has been found to be putting users at risk of exposing themselves to Russian developers even as millions continue to play with edited images of themselves “50 years from now”.

The Face App which was developed in Russia basically puts an “elderly” filter on one’s face to make one resemble an old person. To be fair, the app is quite addictive as it uses artificial intelligence to edit an ordinary picture to seamlessly look like an old person.

Experts now warn that the use of the FaceApp could potentially leave users with their personal data exposed to unwanted parties.

The main points of concern are the possibility of the application accessing vital personal details including all of one’s photos which are privately stored in the phone’s gallery. By Wednesday, July 17, the Face App was the most downloaded application for both iOS and Android.

Because of the excitement that comes with being able to morph photos to resemble an elderly version of oneself, users tend to overlook the terms and condition that come with the app, potentially placing them at a security risk.

According to James Whatley, a strategist from Digitas. The UK, there could be more to the FaceApp than meets the eye.

"You grant FaceApp a perpetual, irrevocable... royalty-free... license to use, adapt, publish, distribute your user content; in all media formats; when you post or otherwise share.'"


FaceApp's terms of service page is a DOOZY.

HT @DeeJ_BNGhttps://t.co/ngi4moO8YL pic.twitter.com/4MBSCYdfg9

— James Whatley (@Whatleydude) July 17, 2019




The FaceApp pose security risks? It is quite simple. Because hackers tend to pay attention to the sites which potential victims visit, the FaceApp trend has made it easier for them to know the identities of the users since the app requires one to have a username. The app has access to one's camera, making it easy for hackers to create a database for users all over the world and possibly engage in malicious online practice.



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