Mazike singer Fresh Daddy to dumb Music for Music production.

Posted on Jul 09, 2019
By Twicky Bly
Mr. Paul Mutabaazi alias Fresh daddy who happens to be the father to a Fast rising rapper Fresh Kid after recording his first single dubbed 'Mazike', has started music production Lessons. Tired with struggles and hustles in the pedicure business, Don K Bwongo is currently undergoing music Lessons under the mentorship and guidance of singer Khalifah Aganaga. Mr. Mutabaazi was tempted by the ‘Cinema’ singer to join music but accordingly to him, he is majorly interested in becoming one of the best producers in the land in the near future. Drawing a lot of inspiration from his little son’s fast growth in the entertainment Industry, This has forced Don K Bwongo to start music production lessons at the Bad Character studios putting emphasis on the piano as one of the key instruments.


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