Leave Otim Bosmic In Peace- Northern Female Artist- Maria A Warns President Museveni

Posted on Jun 05, 2019
By Site admin

The battle between Otim Bosmic, an artist and a People Power strong man from Northern Uganda and Uganda Police yesterday ended in beatings and injuries.

Bosmic led a group of youths in Gulu in a protest that was intended to confirm that only a few youths from Acholi Sub-region came out in support of Museveni's sole candidature and they do not represent all the youth of Acholi!

However, the protest ended with a serious fight between Otim Bosmic's group and Police forces, leaving Bosmic with deep cuts and minor injuries.

Maria A, a female artiste from Northern Uganda thinks, M7 is going too hard on the beloved Otim Bosmic and now daring to join the fight once the president doesn't leave Bosmic alone.

''Mr. President M7 another people we are still keeping Quiet but soon we are coming out we are not happy.... live our Hero son of the Acholi ...is our blood. Quick recovery Otim Bosmic Joyce...we shall always be there for u... Bosmic...we don't care anymore.its too bad''- Maria A



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